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This is probably one of the best psychic techniques used for telephone readings as your chart  is able tell a skilled astrologer a great deal about the client. Modern Astrologers use computers in order to calculate the positions and movements of the planets as that means that the very complicated calculations needed for an astrological reading can be made instantly. However, you need to be very wary of anyone who appears to be reading a pre-prepared text. Computers are essential for making the calculations, but are useless at anything but a very basic (and usually generalised and meaningless) interpretation. A genuine Astrological reading is very specific to you as an individual, and can only be given by using the skills and training of an experienced Astrologer.  
Many pure astrologers will try to distance themselves from clairvoyance, and will tell you that astrology is essentially about character analysis. Personally I think that this is a pity, because as I see it, who you are is intimately related to your past, present and future, and that the character analysis is only the starting point  for  a full psychic reading.
STRENGTHS: Who you are, what your potential future is and when life changes will occur. Also a very method of understanding the nature of relationships

WEAKNESS: What’s going on at the moment
An astrologer first calculates  the positions of all the planets as they were when you were born. These will tell an experienced reader all about you and your potential future. Their subsequent movements then reveal when these events are likely to occur
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