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This is a very effective method of giving telephone readings, as the cards help the reader to tune their psychic ability into the client
Another frequently used pack are known as the Psi Cards. These have a more limited range of images, but in the right hands are also capable of reaching a deep insight into your life.
Then there are other, lesser known packs. Some of these are good, and work with deep inner energies, and some are basically modern do-it-yourself fortune telling kits. Good packs simply use plenty of symbols and images, bad packs add words. Card reading is all about understanding  symbolic pictures. Words are a problem in the Psychic World.
Readings using
The commonest  card readings use either the 78 card Tarot pack or the 52 traditional playing cards. In either case, each of the cards has a range of meanings and associated symbols, and the way the cards appear in the layout cause clairvoyant images to form the reader’s mind. Although there are some basic principles involved. in practice each reader will have their own methods and understanding of the cards. Take one Tarot card round to six different Tarot readers and you’ll probably get ten different answers as to it’s meaning!
STRENGTHS: Very good at indicating what is happening now

WEAKNESSES: Can be difficult for the reader to rise above the emotions of  the moment.
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Tarot Readings by Telephone!