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CLAIRVOYANCE: The literal meaning of the word is "Clear Seeing". This can be used in two ways. Firstly it can mean clearly seeing the spirit world.
A "Clairvoyant" in that sense will actually see into the "Other Side" and be able to describe to you accurate details of people who have passed over.
However, most of us use the term to describe the ability to "clearly see" into the future. As long as you understand that the word has two slightly different meanings there is no problem! Pure clairvoyance needs no "props", ie cards etc -but with telephone clients it can take longer to establish a link
Everything depends on the skill of the reader
With true crystal gazing, the crystal first appears to cloud over and then images will physically appear to the clairvoyant. However, this is very, very energy consuming and the reader will almost certainly be exhausted after even a short session. In everyday practice the ball is used as a psychic link between the reader and the sitter and the images that appear are in the subconscious mind of the clairvoyant.
Crystals &
Crystal Balls
Reading CRYSTALS is known to date from the time of the Pharaohs.
You are asked to pick out a selection of stones, and lay them on a cloth.
Each crystal has a particular meaning based on it’s colour and inner structure, and in some mysterious way you will find yourself drawn towards those stones which will reflect your life as it is and as it will be. The reader can then interpret this for you.
Not possible to do over the phone!
Your hidden character, and future potential
When events are likely to occur
Visual images of events in the past present and future
Knowing when these events are likely to occur
Note -the size of the balls is not important! Big ones are certainly more impressive, but ultimately it is the reader’s skill at “skrying”, ie looking into the ball that matters.
Historically crystal balls were carved and polished out of a block of solid rock crystal. These are very expensive  and most modern ones are now made from glass. Technically any suitable surface, including water, can be used, but most clients prefer to see the traditional “Crystal Ball”. Skrying is an excellent telephone technique!

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