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DO read any publicity material carefully before making a decision,
and choose someone who offers the type of reading you want.
You can talk to us first, we are human!

DO question any statements. If, for instance, a reader claims to have had 20 years experience, how old are they now? If they are only in their early 30’s, what do they mean by “experience”. Readers very rarely start working professionally before their late 20’s, as clients don’t usually take anyone younger than that seriously!

DO make your own mind up, and DON’T be influenced by others. One old trick is when the partner of  Clairvoyant X sits with the rest of the public outside the venue or in the bar. He or she then tells everyone they meet how brilliant and accurate Clairvoyant X is.
And just because one reader has a long waiting list does not mean that they are better than someone sitting quietly in a corner. I have frequently seen a total fraud working steadily all evening, whilst one of the best mediums in the country has sat and done nothing.

DO compare readings with a friend. If you have both been given exactly the same reading then you may well have been conned! However if you are both the same age and in similar situations, then you could bear in mind that it may be that your lives are running parallel -in which case you would genuinely receive similar readings. Also remember, sometimes you will relate with one reader, and your best friend with another. DON’T both choose the same reader if you feel that you are personally more drawn to someone else.

DO give us feedback. It is very difficult to give a reading when your client just sits there poker faced, and the odd indication as to whether we are on the right path does help.

DON’T ask to be told nothing bad. If you do, then you will always worry that the clairvoyant has seen difficulties but has not told you! Please don’t ask the reader just to tell you the good news -and be very wary of someone who does. Everyone's life has ups and downs, and the job of the reader is not to ignore your problems but to see them clearly for what they are, and tell you how you come through them

DON’T pay before you have been given your reading, and then only pay in full if you feel the clairvoyant is genuine and has done the work you required. However, just because you have not heard the answers you were hoping for does NOT mean that the reader is a fraud. Quite often the reverse!!!

DON’T ever assume that just because the “Medium” happens to be a sweet little old lady , or claims to be of Romany descent that they are skilled clairvoyants! Not all gypsies are genuine, and not all little old ladies are honest. Judge them all by their ability, not appearance!

Finally, DO complain to the organiser or door-man if you are not happy
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