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“How long should a reading last?"

HOW LONG is a piece of string? Actually the length of of a reading is not the
same as it's quality. A good reader will get straight to the point, a bad reader
will “run around the Wrekin” until he or she finally gets something right! Sometimes a reading will only last ten minutes, but will contain such a vast amount of accurate information that it is far more valuable than one lasting the best part of an hour -but which has told you nothing.
But at most Psychic Fayres the answer is usually about 20 minutes.

"I have had readings before that have been just a series of vague generalisations. How specific should the information be?"

EACH reading is unique and individual. Some people will have a series of quite dramatic changes happening in their lives in the next few months, others may have to wait several years to see the outcome. However, predictions should always be specific. Any reader who just says that there is going to be a change in your life is just guessing! You should be told which area of your life is about to alter, exactly when that change is likely to occur and how long the period of instability will last for. But as Readers we cannot change the timings to suit you!!!

"You have predicted a change in my work. Is this inevitable, or can I do anything about it?"

THAT DEPENDS. Hopefully forewarned is forearmed, and yes, on most occasions having had a change foreseen you can prepare yourself for it and make preparations to direct the forces of chaos for your own, and others benefit. You do have the free choice of how to deal with the situation. But life is about change, and some processes (ie. aging) cannot be halted.

"Why are scientists so against Clairvoyance, Astrology and the like?"

I WAS trained as a scientist, and I can promise you that in private, many of them are fascinated by the psychic world. But in their public lives they realise that by clearly seeing a fixed pattern in peoples lives and being able to predict the future we challenge some of the basic assumptions of their universe. To accept our work would mean rewriting every scientific textbook ever written. But would that be such a bad thing?

"Is your work anti-religious?"

THE ANSWER IS an emphatic NO. Most religious beliefs have always accepted divination, and the role of the prophet. As a point of interest, the New English Bible translation of the Nativity story describes the Magi (the so called "Three Kings") as being Astrologers. Carrying a bit of cash and an aromatherapy kit.

I see our work as being to help our clients to understand their life on earth, and to live as harmoniously as possible with themselves and others. Whatever their religious viewpoint.

“So do you ever make mistakes?”

ONE of those unanswerable questions!!! The problem here is that we can’t win. If a clairvoyant admits to sometimes getting it wrong, then they are going to lose the confidence of their sitter, and if they say they always get it right, then they will appear an arrogant fool!
All I can say is that all the readers who work for the The Circle are tested, and are expected to achieve an accuracy rate of 95%

“So if I go to a Psychic Fayre which reader should I choose?”

WELL, once you’ve decided who are genuine, then the usual answer to that question is that you should go to the clairvoyant to whom you personally are the most drawn. If you find a reader interesting, and can relate to them, then you will be more relaxed, and the reading will be a lot clearer and much more accurate. We are used to dealing with all sorts of people, but when there is that natural "chemistry" between us and the client, it makes life a lot easier.

“Some readers display certificates. What do these mean?”

OVER THE YEARS various organisations have decided that Psychics need to be qualified. They have then set up exams and given certificates to those who reach their standards. Unfortunately, few of these groups recognise each others qualifications, and what is worse I have also known even very competent psychics to print their own certificates!!! Which means that unless you are an expert in the field of Psychic Rivalry and you know which organisations have genuinely high standards then these pieces of paper are best ignored.

“What is the difference between a good reading and a bad reading?”

A GOOD READING will quickly identify your personality, strengths weaknesses etc., without having to ask you any more than maybe a few basic questions, (such as your age!) A good reading will then proceed to tell you a little about your present situation (and how you come to be in it!) and then will show you the way forward. This will cover events which are definitely going to happen, and others where you have the power to alter the situation.

A BAD READING will tell you very little about your past and present, or use generalisations that could apply to anybody.

Beware a reader who just uses phrases like

“You are not using your full potential.” Which of us are?

“There is something wrong with your roof”  There usually is

”Is the name ‘Michael’ important to you?”  Here the reader can’t get it wrong. Either you say, yes, in which case they’ve scored a hit. or you say no, in which case the reply will be “Ah, yes, but it soon will be!"

All readings deal with change.

A GOOD READING will tell you exactly what type change will occur, and when. The reader should specify whether home, money, work, or relationships etc is involved without you having to ask

A BAD READING will leave you confused as to whether you are going broke, whether you are going to meet a tall dark stranger or whether you’re pregnant!

"Why do clairvoyants charge such high fees? I know a little old lady who will tell me my future for a fiver."

GREAT. Don't underestimate her, and please see her as often as possible. But those of us working professionally in this field (and who are not on a pension) have to cover our costs before we even start to earn our way. Travelling psychics, who by the nature of their work are able to meet a very wide variety of people and are therefore used to working with every possible type of problem have the highest expenses to cover. We have to find cash for fuel, our share of the venue hire and advertising, overnight accommodation etc. whether or not we have earned anything. So we have to work very hard just to break even!
King Harold’s astrologer gives him a reading.
“A comet in Sagittarius means that you must beware of sharp objects...”