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Psychic Skills Do's and Don'ts for Psychic Readings
However, it might help you to have an insider's view of these events!!!

Firstly, the quality of a fayre will depend on the organiser. These events are very expensive to run, as venues have to be hired, and advertising isn't cheap. Each reader and stall holder at a Psychic Fayre will pay the organiser a table fee -which can vary between £50 and £150 per day. In addition, you will often be expected to give a talk or demonstration (for which you don't get paid). Therefore the bigger the event is going to be, the more readers have to be employed, and the more readers present, the greater the chances are that some of them will be frauds! Also from a reader's viewpoint, the more of you there are, the harder it is to be able to earn enough to cover your expenses.

And as some of us travel the whole of the country, and often have to stay somewhere overnight, our basic expenses can be well over £150 per day. Therefore an unscrupulous reader (and there are plenty of them about) will want to see as many clients as possible in as short a time as possible in order to make a profit. But the reverse side of this is that some very good clairvoyants are also very slow. Which means that they hardly ever earn enough to even meet their costs -and of course they then tend to drop out of the circuit! So the organiser has to make the numbers by calling in inferior readers.

The alternative is the small fayres. These use smaller venues, and less advertising and are therefore cheaper to run. But because they are cheaper, the vast majority are very unprofessional, and some are a total waste of money. But there are exceptions. There are one or two teams which are small, and rely on their reputation for only using first class and highly experienced professional readers, and if you need a reading, one of these will offer you the best possible choice.

So how can you tell in advance which one you are going to be going to?

Firstly, never trust the advertising! There is a tendency for most organisers to say that they are the best and have top international clairvoyants working with them. Plus all the usual "as seen on T.V." hype. But a large Fayre with a large advertisement will have a good range of products available, will probably offer talks and demonstrations, and should have at least one or two genuine professional readers.

For the smaller touring fayres, your first enquiry should be to the organiser, whose 'phone number will be on the advertisement. Simply ask them if they have been to that particular venue before. then phone the venue to ask if they know anything about the team. And just ask around, and see if any of your friends know anything about them.

But at the end of the day, the only surefire way is to turn up yourself, and then look closely at the readers. How do they present themselves. Someone who is very neatly presented may be new to the work, as travelling takes its toll on your board and table paraphernalia. And no table display, and hand written notices may indicate that the person is working on a fayre for the first time. But someone who is too smoothly presented may be a fraud!!!  

And as I said earlier, take all leaflets with a pinch of salt!
Like most professional Clairvoyants,
I have worked on Psychic Fayres for many years, and to be honest they are tremendously variable And unfortunately as far as the general public are concerned, there is often no way at all of telling in advance whether a Fayre will be any good, or a complete waste of your money.
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