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Psychic Fraud
10/10/95 Tuesday

A very quiet afternoon in East Grinstead. What more can I say? A contrast from last week.

Open for thirty five minutes, and the first two people have only just walked in. One lady has gone to Marj, and the other woman has gone to Marion. Marj is a brilliant medium and healer, but Marion will no doubt tell her client  that a Michael, John or Mary has a message for her. As a clairvoyant Marion can be reasonably accurate, but as a medium, forget it. She usually just fills her readings with pure guesswork. Roll up, Roll up! Ladies and Gentlemen, view the Psychic Freak Show, you've never seen anything like it in your lives!

Two more people have just come in. Must stop typing and try to look mystical.

One of the difficulties for clients is that we all seem to work differently. Some clairvoyants will see pictures. Others will see symbols of the future. Some will hear voices. Others will pick up a strong “awareness”. Some will literally “read” your palm or birth chart.

If you haven’t done so already please read the pages about our PSYCHIC SKILLS, as these should give you some idea of the ways in which we work

After which the question is:
How do you SPOT THE FRAUD???
When I was working on the Psychic Fayre circle I used to keep a regular journal . Here is a brief extract...