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Fraudulent Clairvoyance Eback
Unfortunately, this particular law is virtually unenforceable, and I believe that
there has only ever been one successful prosecution under it.

True mediumship is amazing, and can even be great fun, both for the sitter and the medium as conversation with the “Spirit World” does not have to be serious. But it is very easy to fake.

Danger signs for Clients:
Is the message specific, or can it be applied to anyone? It's all to easy for the medium to make a few suggestions, one of which might well be somewhat near the truth -and then for you as a sitter to become so completely hooked that you fully believe that you are getting a genuine message.
But just think for a minute.
How many people would have passed over with "chest pains"? Quite a lot.
How many people had a "connection with water"? Quite a lot
"Trouble with stairs", "a childhood toy", etc etc.

All I am saying, is be very, very, careful before accepting the obvious.Tidings of comfort and joy are all very well, but are they appropriate. If the deceased was a grumpy old miser in this life, it’s very unlikely that they would now be beaming sweetness and light! A true message will also probably contain small items of trivial information which is only known to you. This is a good sign that the message is genuine.

Don’t worry if the medium asks a few questions about the deceased. This is very often necessary in order to make a strong link. But be careful if you are then only fed back what you have just said! It is sometimes better just to give the medium a personal item of the person you wish to contact, or show them a photograph.

However, always remember that a medium is not a telephone. And those on the “other side” can’t always be contacted just when you want to. And is the deceased even there? Have they moved onto another plane? Or maybe they are busy doing something else!!! Think of it from your own point of view, would you spend your time hanging around psychics just hoping that they’d pass on messages!

Sometimes the age that the person has died at is a relevant factor. There obviously is no hard and fast rule, but it does seem that many of those who die young disappear from the contactable spirit world quite quickly. If you are a believer in reincarnation, you might consider that possibly they have already returned to earth. On the other hand, people who have lived a long life may be too “tired” to make contact. Would you want to be woken up at 3.00 in the morning just to be asked if you were O.K.? So, in general, if a medium guarantees to be able to make contact, they are almost certainly fraudulent . We cannot command or control the spirit world, any more than we can change the tides and seasons!

A frequent trick of the fraudulent medium is the “Don /Ron /John” technique.
It goes as follows:
“I have someone here on the other side, I think his name is Don.”  No response
“No, maybe it’s Ron”  No response
“Wait a minute, it’s coming through clearly, I can hear him now, it’s definitely John”

By which time most sitters will have identified someone in their lives with one of those names!

There is also a similar technique where the “medium” declares that “I have someone here called Mary. “  No response
“Is she possibly an aunt?”  No response
“She may well be an old family friend...”
Just think to yourself, why on earth would that particular Mary (or Susan, or Tom) want to get in touch with you of all people! Especially if you haven't a clue who they are.

But maybe the “medium” has hit on a name you do relate to. Some names are very common for a particular generation -is this any proof that the medium has contact with the right Don, Mary or Susan? Again you need to look for specific information, if the contact is genuine then you will receive information that you alone can understand. Occasionally this may even be a favourite word or catch phrase that the deceased frequently used. You alone can be the judge of this.

Warnings to Mediums:
All of us who work in this field doubt our own ability from time to time. If you don’t then you’re probably deluding yourself. There are times when mediumship does not happen, and you certainly can’t guarantee that you can make contact with a specific person. You client may be grasping at straws, there may not be anybody there for them and you must never build up false hopes. Watch out for the Don/Ron/John trick! Never, ever just throw names out on the chance that your client will relate to one . If there is no information then it’s best to be honest and say so.

We know when there is a spirit presence. We are all affected differently, but usually there is some sense of tingling in the spine. The best thing then is to stop thinking and say what you are given to say. And if the client doesn’t relate to the message then don’t try to push your luck.

Unfortunately this is very common, and there is even a ‘Fraudulent Mediums Act’ which was passed in 1951 in order to control such people.