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We are a 24 hour service, and if you ring us on  0906 1762 083 you will be played a short voice profile of each reader available at that very moment. Not all our readers use their mediumship over the telephone, but those who do will tell you so.

All you have to do is to listen to each profile, and when one of our readers says that they are a medium, or a spiritual (or psychic) medium, then all you have to do is to press the “star” key, and you will be directly connected to that reader.

If there is no-one available, just try again in a few minutes time. The person that you need to speak to might have been speaking to someone else when you rang, in which case their voice profile will be switched off until they are free, and ready to talk to you personally.
There are many sorrows in life, and one of the hardest to bear is the loss of someone whom we love dearly.

However deep our faith, the death of those close to us is always accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. There are no simple answers to bereavement, but maybe we all know in our hearts that “passing over” is part of the great mystery of life.
Would you like to speak to a Psychic Medium?
Mediumship is the Psychic ability to communicate with the “Other Side” -but this has always been controversial. Some people believe that it is possible to talk directly to souls who have passed on -others say that once you have died you enter a great sleep from which you should not be roused..
A good Psychic Medium will hopefully be able to give you strong evidence of life after death. And we have some of the best mediums in the U.K. available to talk to you.
Calls cost £1.53 per minute (max. call length 20 mins) All calls are recorded and this service is regulated by PhonePayPlus
Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay by credit card, simply phone Freephone 08000 670 594 and you can request a reading with precisely the right clairvoyant for your needs.

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All services directly available to UK callers,
Credit Card readings are also available to the USA,
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Service Provider : Stream Live 0800 0673 330
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