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A very ancient Chinese style of divination, based on the concept of opposites (Yin and Yang) and the way these balance, and then change. Not very often met in this country, but if used correctly can be very accurate in finding the unusual or unexpected change. The I Ching is actually a book, (the name means ‘The Book of Change’ ), and the reading is done by using Yarrow sticks, coins or (less accurately) cards. A bit long and complicated for using over the phone
STRENGTHS Acts like a very independent counsellor, and cannot be influenced by the reader’s opinions
WEAKNESSES Tends to speak in Chinese riddles, and will always favour keeping things as they are!
The science of numbers. These can be taken from your date of birth, or from your name. (Each letter of the alphabet has a different number, depending on the system used.) These are added together to give a ruling number, and this will reveal many things about you to a competent numerologist. If the reader is a good numerologist and can perform the calculations very quickly, this is again a very good telephone technique
STRENGTHS A well defined interpretative system
WEAKNESSES Not very specific about the future, and easily degenerates into giving you your “Lucky Numbers”. (Note. If us clairvoyants were any good at picking ‘Lucky Numbers’ we’d all have won the lottery and left the country years ago!)
Obviously not possible over the telephone!
There are two types of palmistry. Psychic palmistry, and cheirology. With psychic palmistry the reader will look at your hand and using the main lines as a guideline only will make a personal psychic link from which you are given your reading. This is very easy to fake!!!
With Cheirology, the reader will need to examine every line, however minor, and will probably use a magnifying glass, or even take a print of your palm (exactly in the same way that you take a finger-print, only larger!). He or she will then give you a detailed analysis of every possible aspect of your life, but as with an Astrological reading, be careful not to be blinded with “science”.
STRENGTHS: Seeing you as you are now, your past and the short term future.
WEAKNESS: True potential, and long term future.
This is when the reader asks you for a personal object (ie an item of jewellery) and uses it to make a psychic link. Like palmistry, this skill cannot be used over the telephone!

STRENGTHS: Can be very effective at breaking down barriers. Can also be a very good way to make a psychic link with someone not present at the reading
WEAKNESSES: Can vary tremendously in effectiveness according to the reader’s current state of mind, health etc.
A very ancient and very powerful alphabet. Each rune has a name, an image and it’s own ability to influence. No-one messes with the runes! They are used in a similar way to the Tarot -but they give much more blunt answers. Just like Tarot, works very well over the phone

STRENGTHS: Very blunt and down to earth

WEAKNESSES: Not very subtle
...and RUNES
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