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OBVIOUSLY a face to face reading is always going to be better than a consultation given over a telephone, but then, many people are not able to find a genuine local clairvoyant or get to a Psychic Fayre. That has inevitably led to the fast growth of companies offering readings by telephone. Be warned. The majority of the "Tarot by Telephone" lines available in the U.K. are a complete waste of  time and money. I can promise you that they are very rarely manned by genuine, let alone experienced, clairvoyants, and most are of no use whatsoever if you want an accurate personal reading. Many of the companies who run these lines are simply profit making organisations with no interest in the Psychic, and are also notorious in encouraging their staff to prolong the call for as long as possible -thus costing you far more than is necessary.

There is though one exception, which is the only organisation which I am prepared both to recommend and to work with.

This is the "The Circle" which takes great care to only use genuine psychics. These are usually recruited through personal recommendation from other readers. Everyone employed by the company is thoroughly screened and tested as to their abilities, and only the most highly skilled clairvoyants are allowed to work on the telephone lines. By being highly selective as to it's readers, the The Circle has been able to maintain a unique reputation for being able to constantly provide accurate and in-depth readings.

For more details of how to contact the UK The Circle just follow this link (or click on one of the ‘phones)
However, if you are in the USA. then PLEASE CLICK HERE

Psychic Readings by Telephone!