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Dear GM Psychics
I recently visited a healer to try and sort an old heath problem . By the second visit she became insistant that I possess some psychic ability and should seek out some help via an individual psychic or a development group.
I am stilll quite sceptical about the whole thing but never wanting to shy away from any new challenge I think I should investigate the matter further.
The problem is, not knowing much about it I don't know where or who to start with.
Would you know of anybody in the Shrewsbury area that may be able to help me.
I am not into religion so I would like to avoid churches if possible.
Thank you for assistance.
yours faithfully

Mr T

Dear Mr T,
Regarding your question on help with psychic ability. Firstly, we are ALL psychic at heart, its just some of us are more aware and open to it than others, so yes, your healer was right on suggesting you have ability. Finding a reputable group can prove difficult though and the best I can suggest at the moment is contacting The College of Psychic Studies, 16, Queensbury Place, London SW7 2EB

Tel: 020 7589 3292 or maybe simply start with looking at healing? There are many local healing groups around the country who can teach you how to become more self aware of your body, energy, and the spiritual side without bringing in religion!

Jack & Jan Angelo run courses also Jack published a book, "Your Healing Power" published by piatkus, which also gives a lot of useful information. Tel;01495 215887 address, Jack & Jan Angelo, Heddfan, 1 Lake Villas, Cwmtillery, Gwent Wales NP13 1LU

Hope this is of some help, and Good Luck,

Bright Blessings,


Dear Pete & Gracia,
I hope you can help, I know that my poblems are irellevant compared to others. But to me they are importanted.
first of all I have a problem with my boyfriends ex, who has been harassing us for the last year. I would like to know if she will ever stop. I wish her nothing but happiness, but she seems to want to make our lives misable as possible. I would like to know if she will ever find happiness. secondly. i have a job that make me unhappy, will I find a job that I will ejoy. Money is not an issue, I would just like job staisfaciton. any help with either of these questions would be receive my eternal gratitude.


Dear C,

Everyone's problems, no matter how large or small are always important.
With regards to your boyfriends ex, you are doing the best you can by putting out positive thoughts of happiness to her. She's very jealous and angry, I think she finds it hard to let go of your boyfriend and to move on but with patience and time she will.

Has he tried talking or writing to her, telling her to leave you alone? Harassment can be an offence it if becomes out of control ( Abusive phone calls, following you around, etc.)

I suggest trying a visual meditation exercise, find a time when you can relax, listen to some quiet, soothing music if need be, and imagine a cord between her & your boyfriend, it may be attached at the heart or mind, but imagine it being cut, send pink light to her "wound" (also your boyfriend!) then imagine her with a new boyfriend. Surround her with golden light and see a pink light go to her heart. Really will the thought of new happiness to her.

The same applies to the job. Anything is possible if you truly believe in it. Try writing down the type of job you would like to do. Meditate on that image, see yourself within that job. Then keep eyes and ears open for any coincidences that bring opportunities to a job like that. It will all happen when the time is right. Believe in yourself, push out positive thought and you will be surprised what will happen!
Here's a list of books you may also find of help:

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy, an Experimental Guide by James Redfield & Carol Adrienne

Both are published by Bantam books.

Also, Cutting the Ties that Bind You by Phyllis Krystal published by Weiser publications.

Bright Blessings, Love & Light,


Hi, I'm writing this on behalf of a close friend who does not own a computer.
Since losing her brother 2 years ago, my friend has shown a great interest in the spirit world and truely believes in the afterlife. After much reading on the subject and a visit to her aunt in Ireland who is a medium, She now tells me that she has learnt to meditate and has visits from people who have died and sees them through something she calls "a third eye". She has seen people that she knew as well as very many strangers. The problem she is having is that she cannot actually make contact with them.
This she is finding very upsetting and frustrating, especially since her father in law visited and seemed to want to tell her something but she could not hear him.
I truely believe what she tells me as it has taken her quite a while to confide in me even though we have been good friends for years. I really hope you can give her some advice on how she can take this special gift further. I hope this makes sense, as I said, I am trying to explain what has been told to me.


S .

Hi S,

I think your friend has done pretty well to develop as far as she has in such a short time. I feel she needs to be patient and allow things to develop slowly. Obviously the loss of her brother opened her senses as often happens when we are subjected to a tragic situation, and there is so much we don't know and don't understand about the spirit world and many questions that just cannot be answered. Mediums develop in different ways. Some only hear voices and cannot see the spirits, others see but cannot hear. A good medium I once met would ask spirit to "show" him what they wanted to communicate, in fact my mother came through and he told me how she was pointing to her feet and using his clairvoyant ability, he felt it was something to do with someone needing their feet looking at. He was right, my daughter had a problem with her legs and needed special insoles putting in her shoes to help her balance! Yes it is frustrating, but consider how frustrating it must be for those in spirit too! They have gone to a "foreign" land where they have to adjust and learn new skills too.

I feel sure one day your friend will be able to "hear" the spirits she sees, and the communication may be a song, a picture seen with the third eye, a sensation of warmth or cold, even sometimes emotions of sadness or happiness.

Personal experiences have involved been shown a chair by a woman's husband who never had the chance to thank her for buying it for him, I've been hummed a song and experienced the exhilarating rush of the wind from a young man who had lived ( and tragically died) for motorbikes as he clairvoyantly took me through his last ride.

It can be scary, but also so powerful as you are given the privilege to see beyond the veil and know that life continues on.

I don't know where you live, but suggest your friend looks up a local Spiritualist group or even Healing group who may be able to put her in touch with someone to help guide and support her as she develops her ability. And by the way, she's lucky to have a good friend like you who doesn't judge or thinks she's nuts, yes, she has a special gift and needs good friends to share her experiences with, thanks for helping her.

Hope this is of some help,

Blessed Be,


Dear Pete,
I have been impressed by your web site and have found it very helpful.

I have what may sound like a strage request. I have recently lost my beloved pet dog and would like to say goodbye to her/make contact to her. Her death was unexpected and a terrible shock. We had had her for ten years and we loved her like we love our children. She loved us very much in return.

Are you able to help. Please don,t think i am looney having this request but we are grief stricken by our loss. We live in Scotland so going to Norwich is difficult. can you suggest anything?

Best Wishes

Mrs P

 Dear Mrs P,

Thanks for the email. And no, you are not going "looney" in grieving for your dog. We are dog lovers ourselves -and our current "companion" is a manic lurcher.

Dogs are part of the family, and are like four footed children, and when they "pass over" there is the same sense of loss. but of course they do have a short life compared to ourselves.

Our own personal experience is that dogs do usually enter the spirit world as we know it, and the late great Michael Bentine always used to say that his idea of heaven was that when he went onto the other side then all the dogs that he had ever owned would come bounding to greet him.

I don't think that seeing a medium would necessarily be much help -after all, dogs do have their own preferences as to people, and what if yours suddenly took an intense dislike to Madame X!!! What I would suggest is that you continue to talk to your dog if and when you feel her around, and don't be surprised if you "see" her shadow, or are sometimes aware of her nuzzling up to you.

Best wishes,


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