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Subject: Sara Freder
I recently got a "free" reading from an on-line psychic named sara freder ( I know the reading is fraudulant because she says how great my life will be if I follow her advice, and how terrible things may turn out if I don't. For a small fee, she will make it turn out good for me.

The reading is probably still on her page. The confidentiality code is 01727/259085. You may read and use the reading as you wish. I would like not to have my actual name used, however, if you decide to publish her site as fraudulant.


Hi there,

This is so ridiculous it's laughable! I tried entering your personal confidentiality code, and received a "not recognised message". So I thought that I'd try sending off for my own free reading. I ticked all the boxes to give "her" the maximum amounts of problems to work on, and as my special problem told "her" that my dog bit people! (Which is to a certain extent true as she recently sank her teeth into a friend of ours who tried to stop her raiding his bin bag!)

Guess what, I have received back exactly the same "confidentiality code" as the one you gave me (01727/259085) and I've been instructed to wait 48 hours for my own "personal" email response.

This is one of the oldest scam techniques. You give out a few generalisations, for free, and indicate that for a small sum your life can be transformed. Then for that small sum a letter arrives giving sum general advice, but saying that the clairvoyant can probably help you a lot more, but it will of course cost a little bit more. And the next bit of advice then suggests that there is still more that can be revealed -but of course this is more specific and will cost that much more. And so on and so forth until the money you pay reaches whatever level you decide is too much!

Except this one is particularly clever. It's picking up "cookies" from the personal computer that emails it in order to pretend to be a personal service. Tomorrow I think that I'll try getting a "reading" from one of our other computers and see if "she" gives me exactly the same response!!

As you might have noticed if you have looked at our "problems" page we have not been able to update it for some time. That is not because problems don't stop flowing in (and we do reply;y to as many as we think that we can help) -it's simply that we don't really have much time to try to save the world from its own stupidity.

Thanks for alerting us to this particular scam! An edited version (with of course no reference to yourself will probably appear shortly!!!

All the best


I have been running this one for a couple of years now, and every few weeks I receive an email from "Sarah"  telling me about all the mystic rituals "she" is performing on my behalf, promising me good luck, health , wealth and happiness -and asking me why I haven't as yet filled in the form by which "she" can direct this plentitude towards me. The fact that that form also asks for my credit card details might have something to do with my reluctance to join in!
Believe it or not the emails from our Ms Sarah keep on flooding in, promising me magical solutions to every problem you could name -except of course the anti-social behaviour of my beloved lurcher.  (Obviously these solutions will be helped if I give "her" my credit card details) Hmmmm.....

Hi my name is M and my problem is my relationship with my 8 year old son Jake. We don't have one, it's been going on for about 2 yrs now. It's like there is a brick wall between us and we can't seem to communicate. I know i am the adult and i should be able to deal with it. but i am finding it harder day by day. Please beleive me when i say i love him with all my heart, but when we are together it's as if there is no love on either side. When i'm with him i feel really angry and don't know why and then when i am away from him i am racked with guilt for how i feel. Please could you offer me some kind of help. I'm married and have another child who i have no problems with.
Thank you


Dear M.

Firstly apologies for such a delay in replying to your E-mail, we have recently returned from Egypt and have been very busy. Anyway, with regards to your situation with your son, its never easy being a mother, there's no book on earth that prepares you for the highs and the lows of raising a child. Each child is different and an individual in their own right. I have raised three, all different in their approach to life and their relationships with me. So I can fully relate to your issue with Jake.

There could be many things going on that have caused this situation, some physical, some spiritual and its a case of going through them all and seeing what fits.

Lets start with his conception, your pregnancy and his birth. How did you feel at discovering your pregnancy? How did it go? what was the birth like, easy or difficult? How was the relationship with Jake's father? Cast your mind back to how things were over those months. You'll be surprised how often a problem within a relationship with a child stems back to issues sometimes even before birth.

Lets look emotionally and physically at things, does Jake display negative characteristics similar either to his father or another family member, your parents say, which makes you angry without even realising the cause? I've known women have difficult relationships with sons because they display characteristics of their father whom the mother had a negative relationship with.

(Same applies with daughters who may act like a woman's mother maybe making demands or criticising them)

There is a tendency as parents to believe that we have the right to control our children and to a point this is true, we need to teach them safety in crossing a road, not touching a naked flame etc. But as we've entered a new millennium, there is a whole new spiritual generation growing up. Each child born (including ourselves) brings with them their own issues to work through and the situation between yourself and Jake may be his issue. Your role in this issue is to help him understand who he is as an individual, not try to make him into what you want him to be. He will have his own talents and skills and will need support in training these, whether its to be a fire eater or a doctor! Try to be open to his points of view, be a good listener, kids can say some pretty profound things if allowed to air their views.

Look at what causes the anger and friction you feel when with him. Don't be frightened of discussing how you feel with him, ask him how HE feels about the relationship between you what could be changed? Casually ask how friends seem with their mothers, don't be frightened of being honest with him.

Do you get the chance to have time out together, just you and Jake? It might feel difficult at first but if you explain that you feel distant to him and want to try to get closer I think you'll find he will understand more than you expect.

This is such a big subject and without knowing all the in's and outs of your life, family etc I could go on and on! But I hope what I have written will help the ball rolling.

Books I suggest reading: Your Childs Destiny by Carol Adrienne published by Plume 1994

Your Healing Power by Jack Angelo published by Piatkus

Also try logging on to James Redfield's site for advice on the changing world and our children.

Bright Blessings, Love and Light,


When I was young a witch predicted that I would die at an early age (she didn't tell me the exact age but it would be in my thirties). She was accurate at predicting a few other things and I feel that she may be right about this. I have been haunted by this for years and I want to know if there is anything I can do to change the future.


There seems to be a lot of scenarios going on here. Firstly, No one but NO ONE has the right to tell another person that they are going to die, unless of course they are a professional doctor, but even then it is only if a patient asks.

You were young, you don't say how young. Could being young have caused you to allow this person to influence you? Someone calling themselves a witch, seeming to have special powers etc. can appear very very scary. And I have to say, the power of suggestion can make people believe anything.

If I had listened to doctors twenty years ago I would have given up the fight for life. I didn't. I went about proving them wrong!!

Maybe you should be doing the same with this witch?

Was this person playing mind games? If so for what gain? Maybe simply to see a young person frightened out of their lives. If that was the case then it was wrong of them and they will suffer their own karma for it. Readings should be given with love and light, not used to play power games with young people.

Another scenario, was this witch actually meaning "death" as leaving your old habits, old ways and beginning a new life? Often Psychics will use phrases such as "Re-birth" "dying of your old life and new life beginning" etc etc. Often meaning either moving to another country, getting married, becoming a parent, even something as simple as a new job.

Was this witch experienced in reading peoples futures? It is all too easy for an inexperienced psychic, no matter how good they may be, to sometimes misinterpret what they see.

And finally, did you tape or write down what was said as it was being said? It is often easy to misunderstand something when in the process of having a reading.

It is all to easy for me to say, don't worry. But honestly, YOU are in charge of your own destiny. Be positive and that positiveness will grow and surround you.

You could bathe your body and soul in "White light" and ask for healing and protection for the future.

Simply find a time when you can be completely relaxed and alone. Turn off the phone, whatever. Maybe even have a warm bath first using oils such as lavender, geranium, bergamot, jasmine, all oils that release happiness and well being to the user. Light a white or pink candle, maybe even use an incense stick to help, Frankincense or sandalwood. Then lie or sit in a comfortable chair and imagine a white light full of love and purity coming down over your head. Let it melt down into your head, shoulders, arms, internal organs, legs down to your feet. Allow it to flow out through the feet. Lie quietly for a few moments. Then bring the light back up your body again. As you do so, Breathe deeply breathing in healing, breathing out love, surround yourself in a bubble of healing light. As you let the light ascend back up thank the God, Goddess, Being of Light, whatever you want to call it, for the healing help and relax. And most of all, BELIEVE, TRUST, AND KNOW, THAT YOU HAVE A LONG LIFE AHEAD.!

Blessed Be,


My name is S***. My problem is that My boyfriend of 6 months, and I split up last month and I`m finding it much too hard to let him go. I still feel a strong bond between us on the odd occasion that we bump into each other, but we only ever say hello. I love with all my heart and I cry myself to sleep every night because I can`t be with him. We did get back together one day, but he ended it again the next saying it wasn`t what he wanted. But lately, his friends have been coming to me saying that he still loves me and wants us to get back together, and they have told me that he hardly ever goes out anymore. Which I`m beginning to believe is true because I haven`t seen or heard of him stepping foot outside his front door, for over 2 weeks now, and all my friends tell me every time they see him because they want us back together as well. But when his friends first told me he wanted me back, he just said they were lying, but if I do see him now, he`s really nice to me and makes sure he knows where I`ll be.

Last time I spoke to a Psycic was when we`d been together for 3 months and we were fighting all the time and I was getting worried, but she told me that there was a strong link between us and that we`d be together forever, but look at us now. Is there any way you can tell me if we will get back together or what will happen to him in the future? I keep having dreams of him dying and I wake up and cry for hours, I still can`t cope with the idea that we have finished, so I think I would be lost if he died. Please help me. I`ve been feeling really suicidal lately as well, and I tried to take an overdose, but my mum found me and took me to hospital. What will happen?

Thank You


S (aged 16)

Hi S,

There are many many factors to your situation and there is no simple or easy answer.

Firstly though, I am surprised at a psychic doing a reading for someone of your age. There is an unofficial law amongst most psychics that we will not do a reading for a person under eighteen unless at their parents request.

You are still very young, (and yes, I know that probably sounds terribly patronising) and at the age and stage of life you're at, feelings such as those you are experiencing can really hurt.

This lad is older than you, but appears to be quite sensitive too. But I think maybe he sometimes looks at the age difference between you and isn't sure the relationship will last. You also have to think of your own personal life, what you want to do with it, career, etc. You mustn't allow your emotions to swim around him all the time.

I feel what you need to be doing is taking things slowly. Find something to occupy your mind, even, dare I say it school work?! I know that's easier said than done.

You mention feeling suicidal too and that you tried to take an over dose. Have you talked with your Mum about how you feel? Also your G.P.? Don't bottle things up, Sarah.

With regards to your dreams I feel they may be reflecting your fears and insecurity, and nothing more than that.

Now, I'm not saying you two will never ever be together, nor am I saying this is a relationship made in heaven. What I will say is I think it needs time and patience. Whatever the outcome, he will always be a special person to you. Each and every relationship we experience is a learning point in our lives. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but we shouldn't look at the negative side of them, but look at what we have learnt from them. For now be calm and set yourself goals leading towards confidence and peace.

Love and Light,


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