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My Mother-in-Law has always consulted Psychics in conjunction with her strong Roman Catholic faith. (She is Spanish, and lives in France). Over the last 10 years this has gradually spiralled into an obsession that is tearing the family apart. Although there are many problems connected with this, the main one is that she was told that her Sister in Law (Husband's Sister) in Spain is a witch who is jealous of her, has cursed her and the family in every way possible and regularly casts spells to cause misfortune.

For the record, the family does not appear to have any more problems than 'normal'. Every day for 3 hours, she 'must' spray the house (particularly window frames and doors) with water supplied by one of the Psychics, and recite various prayers to protect the house and family. She is exhausted and emotionally drained with the worry and effort she puts into 'protecting the family'. When her husband returned from a family wedding in Spain where his Sister was present, she burnt the clothes he wore at the Wedding. She has also been told that one of her Daughters is wearing two rings that have been cursed while in Spain to bring back trouble to the family in France, the Daughter refuses to take them of on a point of principle, and this fuels my Mother in Law's beliefs, and now affects her relationship with her daughter further because she is not happy about the rings being in the house. (She has offered to buy new ones, despite limited means - all  money is spent on readings). I could go on with further examples...but basically the family is at breaking point, and my Father in Law is planning to leave her (which will be a self fulfilling prophecy). For what it's worth, the accused 'witch' appears bemused and saddened by the whole thing, has no outward interest in Psychics, clairvoyancy or anything like that and does not have any reason to be jealous of the Family in Spain.

I have tried steering her more towards her Catholic faith (I'm agnostic) and reasoning that God will protect etc, but she is at the point where she picks and chooses the bits of faith that suit her. She won't allow her Priest to help. She doesn't believe that she has a problem anyway, and won't seek medical advice (she says that her Sister in Law is making everyone think she is mad) and is convinced that one day she will be proved right. Last week I asked her about some of the events that she had predicted last year for the following 12 months (based on info from Clairvoyants) - precise events including deaths that had not occurred - she denied completely ever having made them. I do think that she has some psychological problems, hasn't dealt with her 6 children leaving home over the years, she has been overprescribed tranquillisers in the past, and does not take her HRT  which can't be helping matters! If she sees a new Psychic who doesn't back up the whole scenario, she just says they are no good. She sees about 5 people regularly and keeps seeing others in an attempt to re-affirm her beliefs (money she can ill-afford).

I'm not really sure what I believe about Psychics/Clairvoyancy etc. My only experience (6 years ago) is of a 'party' reading, where 50% of what was said was way off or too vague, 25% was a good guess, and 25% was astonishingly accurate with details known only to me and a (late) friend. I did ask about my Mother in Law then and was told that she had nothing to worry about (what I wanted to hear of course, but also what I truly believe).

What can we do to help? I live in Hampshire, should I see someone locally?

How can you tell who is a 'true' psychic? Is there a helpline for people who are 'victims' of Psychics (not religious groups please!). The poor woman is distraught, and has recently done something to endanger the life of the 'witch' (I assume unknown to her). Some of the family are talking of getting her (involuntarily) committed for psychiatric assessment, as this may be the only answer. Can you think of another way?

I would be grateful for any advice. Please excuse any incorrect terminology!


 Hi there,

The trouble is that there is no rational solution for irrational behaviour.

Your mother-in-law clearly believes that she has been cursed by a witch, and there is nothing that will stop her believing this. If you look at her background, it is seeped in Catholicism, and the Catholic Church preaches that there is an Evil One, who has agents on earth who are called witches. What is more the Evil One is crafty, and deceives people into saying that he and his Witches are a figment of the imagination. Therefore anyone who denies the "reality" of the Devil and his minions is actually working for him, (consciously or unconsciously) and is not to be trusted. You can't win, and it is this very scenario that over the centuries has sent thousands of innocent people to their deaths.

Also, just as you can't stop her giving all her jewellery to the local cats home, you can't stop her spending her money on psychics, whether genuine or not. Interestingly, the one that told her to sprinkle the house with blessed water was probably giving the best advice. It's just that it doesn't have to be done quite as thoroughly as she is apparently doing it (five minutes twice a day is enough), and I hope that she is not being charged more than the odd franc for the supply. But at least it keeps her occupied, and helps her think that she is actively doing something to combat the supposed evil.

More worrying is that she is attempting to harm the alleged "witch", and that should be taken seriously. The bible is quite specific, saying, "Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live", and if she is convinced that she should obey that text then there could be a problem. Fortunately the fact that there is a few hundred miles between them helps -but you don't say how she attempted the hurt.

So what can you do? Firstly, I don't think that seeing a local psychic would help much. At best they could only tell you what you've already been told. The main thing is for you to be as supportive as possible to the rest of the family, because this is not going to be an easy ride. In general she needs to be kept away from loose cash (if she hasn't got any money she can't waste it), and encouraged to talk to people who will direct her beliefs in the right direction.

By the way, you didn't tell me your mother-in-law's age, but I suspect that it must be late 60's to 70's. I'm afraid that the world is full of batty old ladies!

Best wishes,


Hi there again,

Gracia has just had a bright idea. Why not get the so called "witch" to "repent"? Mother in law is not going to be happy until the witch has been neutralised, but if she could be convinced that the "Witch" had now seen the error of her ways, confessed, repented, and been absolved by the Church, then of course it was Mother In Law's very vigilance that has brought about the repentance of the sinner. Which is brownie points in heaven for her, the threat to humanity has been removed, and all her hard work in sprinkling water has not been in vain!

It sound a bit theatrical, but it could just work. You might need the help of the "Witch's" local priest to produce some form of elaborate certificate of repentance and absolution, and it might take a few Hail Mary's and a Hare Krishna or two but it's worth a try

(By the way, Gracia also comes from a Catholic background!!!!!)

Best wishes again,


I wonder if you can help me as soon as possible. Basically my mum, sister, brother and brothers girlfriend are all in Italy at the moment with other members of my family. My mother telephoned me a few days ago and said that during a day out at a feast in the mountains they came across a musician and my Aunt found out he read palms. He did not charge money for readings and pretty much kept this skill a secret. My sister had hers read to which he correctly identified that a couple of years ago she had suffered a nervous breakdown wanting to end her life. He also correctly stated to my brothers girlfriend that she was asking for too much love (she has in fact been asking my brother to marry her to which he has answered "no" several times).

My mum then had hers read and the man said she had been divorced which again is correct, he then asked if she had ever had a child that had died and when she said "no" he refused to go on. My mum demanded to know what he meant to which he said that something bad would happen to her child, her son!! He then collapsed in her arms in tears and told her to "be brave, be brave".

The fact that his previous predictions regarding my sister and brothers girlfriend were correct and the fact that he collapsed in tears and stood to gain no financial benefit terrified my mother and she is now living in constant fear for my brother particularly as he refused to say anymore.

Nobody knows who this man is and my mother has never seen him in Italy before (she is Italian) The only comfort i can give is that before I was born, my mother did actually lose a baby which was male but in her panic obviously forgot to mention this to the man. The fact that the man had asked "Have you had a child that died", in the past tense also suggests he was actually referring to the past in which case he was right because she has lost a son but because she said "no" he collapsed crying.

I thought that psychics were not allowed to predict death and serious tragedy!! We are all really worried please help in any way that you can as I do not know what to do and mother is hysterical,

Thank you,


Hi there,

Firstly your mother has obviously met a very good and very talented psychic. Everything that he said to her was 100% accurate.

But that does not mean to say that he is "all seeing/all knowing". We are all of us human, and when he correctly saw that your mother had lost a child, and she denied this, the humanity within him took over, and he would have assumed that he had made a mistake and the death was yet to happen.

Which is why he broke down and cried, as he would have been devastated at making such a mistake. An after all, he is a musician, not a professional psychic, and therefore might not have developed the skills and self confidence to hold to the fact that he saw that this event happened in the past

The whole point is that he was not mistaken and the loss has already occurred -even if it was only a still birth or a miscarriage. The other side gives us pictures and images -but can be a bit vague as to timings, and ages. You see the child that did die may well have remained around your mother as a spirit child, and could well have grown in psychic appearance as if on earth. Which is why the clairvoyant having seen his image, and then been told that no such death had occurred immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was yet to happen!

I am absolutely certain that your mother should hold to the accuracy of the original reading and that the later statement that the loss was yet to happen only came about because the reader suddenly doubted his own ability and tried to rationalise and come up with a logical explanation of what he had seen, rather than simply sticking to his original statement regardless of whether or not it made sense

All the best, and don't worry


My name is K W and I wondered if you could advise me.

Recently on a Lucknet page I was offered a free Clairvoyant reading from a Sophie de st Preux if I filled out a form with certain questions including date of birth, and whether I had experienced depression, lack of self esteem etc, etc. I filled it in and received an email back after some time telling me that the next seven months were to be of great importance and were divided into 3 far so good, at the end she said if I wanted to realise my dreams and to work with her further to go to my special web page.

I did, filled out another form which asked a lot of questions for example What were my hangups, what was my financial situation, did I want to meet the love of my life etc etc plus asked for payment which was fine because it was going to be a more detailed reading.

After some time this detailed reading arrived and scared me somewhat in that she indicated that things would only go well if she was there to guide and protect me. Statements were peppered throughout the whole reading: "if I am there to guide and protect you", "It all depends on whether you take the right directions, if we kept close throughout this period then your life will have reached a turning point and your problems should have been resolved.""I will keep looking after you, I will build a protection wall up around you", "You are a victim, there is a lot of jealousy around you" "enter into my occultism and lunar magic Actions Plan and we will counter this bad luck" " you are actually very far from the success you hoped for and deserved but if you act now you can rapidly go from one good suprise to another""I'm proposing a plan of action that we're going to ahead with together during the coming weeks, until success begins to smile on you"

I know this is taken out of context and if you wish I can send you the whole reading. She then explains her plan which is to use the power of Lunar Magic and telepathy, to magnetise my photograph, to carry out telepathic contacts, and this would take 8 contacts to get all results consolidated.


On the personal web page which isn't personal at all is another form to fill in,which opens with the statement: "I WISH THAT YOU REMAIN IN PERMANENT TOUCH WITH ME WITHIN THE FRAME OF MY ACTION PLAN FOR THE NEXT SEVEN MONTHS WHICH YOU SET UP ESPECIALLY FOR ME TO HELP ME TO RESOLVE ALL MY PROBLEMS AND GET RID OF MY HANG-UPS AS WELL. TO GET THIS FAST AND EFFECTIVE RESULT, I ALSO WISH TO PRACTISE TELEPATHIC CONTACTS WITH YOU' followed by a confusing calendar to decide on when to have the 8 contacts, Mondays for personal worries, Tuesday for business worries The days of full moon for evil influences and magic spells and days of the rising moon for love and money.

Then the payment which can be made as a one off or 8 equal monthly instalments.

I was in a very depressed state when I originally contacted her and when I read this. If you are feeling vulnerable of course it is tempting to enter into a agreement which promises to protect and advise you and banish jealousies or evil influences if they exist, especially when she says that this opportunity will not come round again in my lifetime. I am not disputing the quality of her reading but showed this to a friend who felt it was completely unethical in terms of instilling fear that if I didn't have her help and advice I might make the wrong choices but I would be safe and secure if I did take her advice but in order to do that I had to keep paying and then what would happen at the end of the 8 contacts, (and interestingly I have tried to email her direct but she never replies, only if a form is filled in on the web page.)

I suppose what I am asking is what do you think of this? Is this a legitimate way of encouraging business? God knows I really would love some advice and help and did really consider doing this but my friends reaction to it (and she is someone who is totally open to clairvoyance, Tarot, Astrology etc,) made me hesitate. Do Psychics generally advertise in this way? Is this a genuine way of offering help, support and advice?

Then I found your web site and problem page and decided to ask what you thought of this.

I hope you get an opportunity to reply soon

Thank you for your time


Hi there K W


And if you've given "her" your credit card details etc. double check your authorisations in case extra payments have been syphoned out of your account.

I'm sorry, but this is a horrendous scam aimed at people who are vulnerable, depressed and lonely and has nothing whatsoever to do with clairvoyance -or even true occultism.

Just look at how it works.

1) You are depressed and fed up (as we all are from time to time) and you surf the net looking for a magickal solution to all your problems. Fair enough.

2) You find a site which offers you a free reading. Right, go for it -no harm in that.

3) However, you first have to fill out a form saying how old you are and what your basic problems are.

This immediately tells me that you are not actually dealing with a true psychic, but almost certainly a clever computer program which will take certain words out of your email and use them to trigger off a set response. Or a spotty teenager hired to do the same job.

4) You get an email back telling you what you've told the computer/spotty teenager, and asking you for a lot more details. You tell it that you've got problems, than it tells you that you've got problems!!!! And you've paid for a detailed "reading"!

5) By now you're hooked on these "personal" responses, but it will cost you to fix those problems.. And "she" (your "personal occult clairvoyant", for which you should read "computer or spotty teenager") is the only person that can help you by entering into "occultism and lunar magic".

That's another clue. No occultist will ever spell "magick" as "magic". "Magic" is the illusion of pulling of rabbits out of hats. "Magick" is real, and is when you realise that the rabbit has a soul and hates being pulled out of a hat, but might just wear one for you if you treat him (or her) right!

So, your final questions.

Is this a legitimate way of conducting business?  Legally, I'm afraid as far as I know yes. If this was a U.K. telephone service you would have a right of complaint to bodies such as ICTISS but the laws of internet commerce do not stop you from wasting your money on frauds. Caveat emptor! Morally no,and all you can be assured of is that the laws of Karma will get those responsible in the end.

Secondly, do  genuine Psychics advertise in this way? Answer NEVER!!!!

And no, it is not a genuine way of offering help, support and advice.

Now having said that, on to the questions you didn't ask!

Firstly, is it ethical for us psychics to ask for money in the first place? Well, we are human, and have homes and families to run. In an ideal world we would give our services for free, and the community would in turn support us into our old age by in turn giving us free food and accommodation. This is not an ideal world and my mortgage lender wants to see a few hundred pounds up front every month. And then we all have to eat. If I can't earn that money working as a psychic I would have to take some other job to earn money -which would mean that I would not be physically available to offer my services to my clients.

And occult and magickal services. Here another principle applies. Yes, O.K. you can pay your magickian's expenses up front -but that should only be a relatively small amount for buying in some special incenses, a bottle of wine and maybe some travelling expenses to visit his or her favourite sacred site. But after that, payment by results only. If the spell has worked, great, pay him (or her) what you think it's worth to you. And if it doesn't work, well he (or her) has had a bottle of wine for his (or her) troubles.

I'm sorry to say it, but I think everyone should think very carefully as to whether the services of a Psychic are going to be the best source of support for them. Sometimes you will get a perfectly good response from a councillor, Relate (the U.K. relationship counselling service), the Samaritans or even your local G.P.

Us psychics offer a very specialised service, and yes we can deal with the future far better than our more orthodox colleagues in the mainstream counselling professions. But you have to be very careful that you are getting good value for money, and as you will have gathered from this letter and looking at our site, there are an awful lot of frauds about!

Bright blessings

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